Jan 7, 2019


We’re on our way to full autonomy, but Level 4 and 5 vehicles will sometimes encounter challenging situations they simply cannot handle appropriately—or safely—without human intervention. AI-based monitoring solutions are limited to safely interrupting a trip and summoning help, but we can do better. And in many industries – including cargo and passenger vehicles, commercial trucking, agriculture and mining—some scenarios are just not suitable for autonomous operation but can easily be handled with a teleoperator at the controls.

Designated Driver will provide the human solution in situations where an automated solution isn’t designed to work.

What is teleoperation?
Teleoperation is the remote control of a system or machine—in this case, an autonomous vehicle. At Designated Driver, we offer teleoperation that works seamlessly for every situation and any vehicle. Ours is one of the most robust remote-control solutions available, and we aim to help our customers more quickly bring to market the safest autonomous vehicles.

We provide remote driving, in which the operator controls the autonomous vehicle as if he or she was in the driver’s seat through traditional driving controls (steering wheel, pedals, etc.). Remote driving handles the broadest set of scenarios and uses human intelligence to make decisions. We will expand into different models of remote assistance, monitoring, and operations center management over time.

What are the benefits?
Designated Driver eliminates significant safety concerns about autonomous vehicles, saves manufacturers development time and money, and helps them expand the market. Our technology is built on safety, from the ground up. For every situation and any vehicle, Designated Driver allows a remote operator to operate all vehicle controls, with 360-degree bi-directional visual and audio interface supported by lidar, radar and sonar visualization and safety controls. And, our technology works seamlessly with automotive companies’ existing autonomous vehicle technology, while layering on human control where needed with virtually any remote vehicle, so you don’t need to replace anything you’ve already developed. Finally, because Designated Driver makes possible remote operation of a wide range of vehicles in situations that are not suitable for autonomous operation, manufacturers can think even bigger, expanding their target markets.

Talk to us about customizing the Designated Driver teleoperation solution to your needs.