Mar 18, 2019


We’re thrilled to introduce our first customer, AutonomouStuff, and the availability of our solution for the safe, secure and reliable teleoperation for vehicles with automation level 2 and up, as well as vertical market applications such as agriculture and mining. AutonomouStuff, a Hexagon company, is the world leader in supplying research-and-development platforms, products, software and engineering services for the advancement of robotics and autonomy systems.

Our customizable teleoperation kit is available on the AutonomouStuff website starting today and the company will also be distributing and integrating Designated Driver into its platforms for autonomous vehicle development.

“The market need for Designated Driver is truly significant as it will help facilitate adoption of autonomous vehicles,” said Bobby Hambrick, founder and CEO, AutonomouStuff. “Remote control provides riders with the assurance that they will arrive at their destination even if there is a technical issue with their autonomous vehicle, and we see it as required functionality for all self-driving vehicles. With Designated Driver’s depth of expertise and focus on functional safety, its solution is superior.”

Designated Driver is demonstrating its solution in a test vehicle during NVIDIA GTC, the premier deep learning and AI conference in San Jose, CA. Our solution enables remote control of vehicles in the event of obstructions, challenging road conditions, sensor malfunction or where operation is difficult or hazardous. We’re committed to the highest standards of automotive functional safety.

Ours is the only solution offering both remote driving and remote assistance models for teleoperation. Other remote-control solutions enable either the remote driving model, with the teleoperator fully taking charge of the car, using the cameras and sensors in the vehicle to maneuver it, or the remote assistance model that requires a very brief teleoperator engagement. In most real-world scenarios, such as a crowded construction site or a temporary roadblock, the autonomy system is fully functional but simply unable to determine the safest path forward. With the remote assistance model, teleoperators are able to model a path for a vehicle “offline” so the vehicle can navigate safely, without any direct human intervention.

“In addition to addressing the critical and non-negotiable issues of latency and safety, our product has been designed to be easy to deploy and use, enabling the best user interaction and experience for both passengers and teleoperators,” said Designated Driver CEO Manuela Papadopol. “Measuring and understanding the behavior of teleoperators is not trivial and has been built into the product roadmap from day one. We have created Designated Driver to be best in class, and are especially proud to be working with AutonomouStuff, which provides automakers and suppliers the most cutting-edge solutions for robotics and autonomy.”

The Designated Driver team is actively researching and developing a remote operation center console customized to the unique needs of teleoperators.

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