Apr 24, 2019


Taking place May 2-3 in Killarney, Kerry, Ireland, as part of Electronomous, the MobilityX conference is a unique opportunity for leaders from the autonomous vehicle and mobility industry–from disruptive startups to global corporations–to connect and discuss how automated vehicles can radically alter our cities, make our cities healthier and improve the lives of millions of people.

Manuela Papadopol, Designated Driver’s CEO, will join Bobby Hambrick of AutonomouStuff, Luc Vincent of Lyft, Dennis Liu of Ford and others on stage to discuss key themes, including:

  • AUTONOMY: Some of the leading companies in the autonomous vehicle space will share the latest innovations in machine learning, computer vision and artificial intelligence in transportation.
  • CONNECTED: Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Cloud communications will become increasingly important in the coming years, as cars transform from independent entities to a mesh network of interconnected vehicles, all communicating with each other.
  • ELECTRIC: As battery technology continues to advance and costs continue to decline, more and more manufacturers will turn to electrification to power their vehicles. Presenters will talk about new charging systems, platforms and how startups and large companies are using electricity to power transport in the future.
  • SHARED: Car sharing is becoming more and more common in large cities around the world. Consumers and manufacturers are learning how to adapt to the changing marketplace and demands it puts on local infrastructure.

Recognizing that the transportation industry will change more in the next five yeas than it has in the past 50, MobilityX is designed for the most innovative executives in the self-driving industry.

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