Jul 5, 2019


Samsung today announced they will be unveiling the world’s first remotely-controlled 5G car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, with partners Designated Driver and Vodafone.

The collaboration has seen the partners working closely to bring 5G to life with a complete end-to-end solution, and this weekend, guests of Goodwood will witness firsthand the speed and connectivity of this advanced technology.

Drift Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. will make 5G history by remotely driving this first-of-its-kind virtual reality car, starting his journey with an initial “drive” up the world-famous Goodwood Hillclimb prior to the opening. The car, a Lincoln MKZ, will be controlled from a different location on the estate powered by a Designated Driver teleoperation system, the new Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and a Samsung VR headset; all enabled via Vodafone’s superfast 5G network.

“This proof of concept is a great stepping stone towards remote presence use-case using 5G and the Goodwood FOS was the perfect testing ground. We are thrilled to lead future consumer experience in 5G by pushing the boundaries of our 5G product portfolio and technologies.” said Yoon Lee, Senior Vice President, Product Innovation and Content & Services, Samsung Electronics America.


Max Taylor, Consumer Director at Vodafone UK said “Vodafone is proud to be demonstrating true innovation and another 5G world first with Samsung and Designated Driver. The driver, who is positioned in another location at Goodwood, will guide the autonomous car through a VR headset around the track. Vodafone’s 5G network provides speeds up to 10 times quicker than 4G and super low latency, which is critical for this application where an instantaneous response time is crucial”

“Being a Professional Fun-Haver, I’ve built my career on pushing the limits of car control,” said Gittin Jr. “However, I have never envisioned myself getting crazy behind the wheel using VR, phones and remote driving gear. Designated Driver, Samsung and Vodafone are all bringing their A game when it comes to cutting-edge technologies. I’m going to put on a VR headset to put on a fun interactive show for the Goodwood crowd. And I’ll be remotely driving the S-Drone from the Future Lab, on the other side of the Goodwood estate. This is going to get wild!”


Fans wishing to further engage with the Hillclimb ‘moment of history’ can head to Samsung’s Future Lab zone and watch Vaugh Gittin Jr. in action. Here, they can also discover other engaging activities including the ultimate G-Force experience. Using a state of the art G-force VESARO racing seat, guests can take on the virtual challenge of racing the fastest lap within the Future Hub’s stand. The journey will be captured and shared with the latest Galaxy S10 5G, with the chair connected to Samsung’s exceptional 8k QLED screen for the best-in-class gaming experience.

Goodwood is an ideal platform for inspiring visitors with all things 5G; a highly anticipated technological advancement. Samsung and partners, Designated Driver and Vodafone, are firmly at the forefront of this new technology and are proud to leverage the powerful operational systems, fast network speeds and epic device capabilities to ring in the new era of 5G.

“Goodwood provides the perfect showcase for people to discover and enjoy our latest innovations, along with our partners. We are thrilled to bring to life our new Galaxy S10 5G device through world first experiences that will stay with guests long after the event.” said Kate Beaumont, Innovation, Technology, and Services Director at Samsung UK & Ireland.


Manuela Papadopol, CEO, Designated Driver, added: “We’re excited to be here with Samsung, Vodafone and Vaughn Gittin Jr., showing the world what is possible when you combine innovative and emerging technologies like teleoperation, virtual reality and 5G networks. By utilising the 5G network, we’re able to achieve the lowest latency possible, enabling Vaughn to pilot the car at relatively-high speeds.”

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is open from today until July 7th, 2019. Guests wishing to learn more about the technology or devices can visit the experience zone within the Future Lab.

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